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We have written a few articles that will help you understand your child’s diagnosis and how you can best support them.  If you have any questions about your child’s care or diagnosis, please contact us.  

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Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is diverse in character and may encompass a range of symptoms. It can have significant adverse functional impacts on a child listening, language and literacy skills.

Children with language or speech disorders struggle to understand and communicate in the classroom and at home. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of speech and language disorders that can impact a child’s learning.

In many ways CAPD and ADHD appear to mimic each other. However, they are two very different disorders and treated in very different ways. Read on to learn more.

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As local children’s audiologists and speech pathologists in the Redlands, we work closely with families, educators and other clinicians in providing therapy and care for your child. 

We do work with a range of children with different diagnoses and disorders, but we do want to mention that we will recommend other clinicians to help children with Level 3 and above Autistic Spectrum Disorders. 

Our therapy appointments do fill up quickly, so we have included some recommendations to other clinicians that may be able to assist you as well. 


Emma Brae ( Speech Pathologist – SpeechCare) – Website

Sensory Processing

Kerry Evetts (Occupational Therpaist – SenseUp) – Website

Kate Reeve (Occupational Therapist – Upside Down Therapy) – Website

Tyack Health – Website

Austistic Spectrum Disorders (Level 3 and above)

Minds and Hearts – Website

Speech Pathology

Cathie Nixon (Speech Pathologist – A Time To Talk) – Website

General Tutoring - Maths

Learning Ladders – Website

Support Services

Speld QLD – Website