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Commonly asked questions when you are visiting for a children's audiology or speech therapy appointment

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to make an appointment to attend our practice for either an assessment or a therapy appointment.  However, if you wish to apply for the Medicare rebate you will need a CDM plan from your GP.

What do I need to bring to my child's first appointment?

Before you attend your first appointment you need to complete the Client Case History form, Information  form, and the Therapy Contract form.  Please be sure to provide details if you are claiming a rebate from Medicare (CDM plan), Private Health Insurance or NDIS (self-managed or plan-managed).

You may like to bring a water bottle for your child, a nutritional snack or their favourite sensory toy (if required) to their appointment.

Our gentle-natured, practice therapy dog, Roxie, loves to help children who are a little unsettled feel more comfortable.  If your child is not comfortable with dogs, please let us know and Roxie will be happy to hide away. 

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What can I expect at my child's first appointment?

We ask that a child is accompanied by their caregiver. The caregiver is advised to wait in the waiting area provided next door to the office. They are welcome to observe the assessment from the waiting area should they wish, and should they feel that their child will be comfortable with this. A caregiver can sit in the assessment room with their child, should the child not be comfortable with completing the assessment independently.

In cases of difficulty sustaining focus, or difficulty remaining motivated, a visual timetable will be provided in the assessment. Regular listening breaks in the form of fun games and activities are also provided throughout assessment activities, as required. 

A separate feedback session (30-45 minutes long) will be arranged after testing. Your child does not need to attend this feedback session. It can be completed via Telehealth online or face to face. The formal report will be issued during this feedback session, and results, outcomes and recommendations will be discussed in detail.  Please note that feedback will not take place until assessment fees have been settled in full.

How often will my child need to come to appointments?

Usually it is preferable to have weekly appointments for your child as the more regular intervention, the more the child progresses and masters the independent use of the therapeutic skills that are introduced to them. However, at times appointments may need to be more frequent or may be fortnightly. Your speech pathologist will advise on an appropriate appointment schedule for your child.

Do I attend appointments with my child?

We request that all children are accompanied by their caregiver/s to their appointments. Caregivers are welcome to observe sessions (so that they can readily reinforce the skills that have been introduced to their child within therapy at home), however, if your child works better independently, caregivers are also welcome to wait in the waiting area provided.
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How can I help my child get the most out of their therapy appointments?

A weekly home programme will ALWAYS be provided. It is essential for this home programme to be completed for 10 minutes, 3-4 times a week to maximise the rate of your child’s progress, growth and functional application of the skills that are introduced to them. Without daily practice, a child’s rate of progress is slowed significantly and it is difficult for functional carry-over to be achieved.

Are Telehealth, online or phone appointments available?

We have clients as far as Cairns and Mackay! If you live in regional areas, or a long travelling distance from the practice, we can provide Telehealth appointments or online appointments. In terms of COVID restrictions etc. these appointments are also available. Therapy sessions can also alternate between face to face and online, depending on the needs of the child and their families. If a child can be seen face to face, however, this would be the ideal mode of therapy, and online children are requested to be seen face to face at least 3-4 times a year.

If you are having a Telehealth/online appointment you will need to have a touch screen laptop or device (iPad or tablet – a phone screen is too small), and an additional screen for client interface (eg. Zoom, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

Should you wish to transfer your face to face session to online (in times of sickness etc.), we ask that a notice period of at least 12 hours is provided, where possible, to allow the therapist sufficient time for online planning of materials.

Are you registered with the NDIS?

Although we are not a registered NDIS Provider, if you have a ‘Self-Managed’ NDIS Plan or ‘Plan Managed’ NDIS Plan, you can access your funding for your appointments at our practice.  If you are going to be taking this approach when paying for your appointments, please be sure to advise us in your Therapy Contract before your first visit.

Is there parking?

Our Triple L Practice is a private practice conviently located in Cleveland. Easy access street parking is available.

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Do you have any helpful resources?

We aim to provide as much support and assistance for our clients as we can to help you understand your diagnosis and therapy.  Please visit our Resources page to view our informative articles, helpful website links and free downloadable resources.